Frequently Asked Questions

I’m registered for this event – How will I get my race number and timing chip?

You will receive your race number and timing chip before the day of the event. These both will be provided to your approximately 7 days prior to the event and sent via Royal Mail.

Where and when will I receive my goody bag, t-shirt and medal?

In Tamworth Castle Grounds after you have finished the race.

To which charities do the proceeds from this event go?

Local charities in Lichfield and Tamworth selected by each of the 4 Rotary Clubs in Lichfield and Tamworth.

For example, the following charities have been supported as a result of money raised previous C2C events:

  • Lichfield Police Cadets
  • Kids Out
  • Talking Newspaper
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • St Giles Hospice

How do I get my race finish time?

The timing chip in your Race Number will activate when you pass through the Starting Arch and record your individual time when you pass through the Finish Arch.

Your Race Time will be available on-line on the racetimingsolutions website.

Is there a race clock at the finish?

No.  Please refer to above where you’ll be able to find your times.

What time do I need to arrive in Beacon Park?

Our suggested arrival time is between 8:00am and 8:15am to allow time for you to be directed to the race start line. You must arrive and be ready to start before 8:50am. This includes bringing your race number and timing chip with you which are essential to participating in the event – these are posted to you prior to the event.

As the race is linear is there transport laid on either at the start or the end?

We are encouraging runners to park in Tamworth and there will be buses laid on to take runners to the start of the race at Beacon Park in Lichfield. This service can be booked when purchasing an event ticket.

Where can I park near the finish in Tamworth?

Follow the link below to see the location of car parks in Tamworth town centre. It is free to use the Tamworth Borough Council car parks on a Sunday.

Where can I park near the start in Lichfield?

Follow the link below to see the location of car parks in Lichfield City Centre. There is a charge for using the car parks on a Sunday. The Shaw Lane car park will also be closed. Please be aware that we are not providing transport back to Lichfield at the end of the race

Do you offer a baggage shuttle service to take kit etc. from the start to the finish?

There is a Bag Drop station (gazebo) at Beacon Park by the Pavilion. You can put your belongings in a plastic bag (provided by the Bag Drop station).  An identification number will be stuck to the bag and you will be given a copy of the number.  We will deliver the bags to Tamworth Castle Grounds.  You can retrieve your bag at Tamworth Castle Grounds by producing your identification number.

Is the run affiliated with UK athletics?

No, as this is the first time the race has been run, it has not been registered with UK Athletics. We hope to do this in future years.

What’s included in my race entry?

  • Race number and timing chip
  • Bag tag and transport
  • Technical t-shirt
  • Goodie bag on completion
  • Water along the route
  • Snack and water at the end of the race
  • And, of course, a fantastic medal! 

Where does the route take us?

This is a multi-terrain event which uses the roads, paths, tracks and canal towpaths to take a varied route between Lichfield and Tamworth. We start off in Beacon Park and through the City Centre before leaving Lichfield by going down Darnford Lane. We then take the local paths around Whittington Heath and make our way to Whittington School. We work our way round Hopwas Woods and onto the canal until we reach Hopwas village. There is a short section on the roads before we enter Wiggington Park in Tamworth. The final section of the race takes us through the streets and into Tamworth Castle Grounds. A map of the course will be loaded onto the C2C website.

What type of running shoes do I need to wear?

Although the run uses paths not just pavements, the route sticks to well used paths and ordinary road running trainers can be worn.

Is there water provided along the route?

There are at least 3 Water Stations along the route (3 miles, 6 miles and 9 miles) and one at the finish in Tamworth Castle Grounds. There are signs to inform the distance to next Water Station.  (xxx yards to the Water Station).

Are there any distance markers?

Yes.  Distance markers are placed every mile indicating the distance so far completed.

What is the minimum age to enter the run?

For the main event, the minimum age to enter is 16 although 16-17 year olds must run with an adult.

We do however have a junior race available suitable for children and teenagers.

Will I be able to enter on the day?

There will be no entries on the day and all entries must be made online.

My confirmation email didn’t arrive, what now?

It should come through within 1 hour of completing registration, if not give it 24 hours and check again. Also check your junk mail. Failing that you contact us via our contact page.

When will I get my race t-shirt and medal?

As the race is linear, you will be able to collect your t-shirt and medal in Tamworth Castle Grounds after you have finished the race

Can I take photos and videos?

Yes, providing spectators keep off the course and that the photos/videos are for personal use only and not for commercial use

Can I give my place to someone else?

No, for health and safety reasons and insurance purposes it is strictly forbidden to give your place to anyone else. We need to know exactly who is taking part in our events. Any person found to be taking part that has not registered will be disqualified and banned from any future events, as will you.

What if I get injured during the race?

There will be qualified first aiders and emergency response teams and physios along the route on race day. Alert a marshal and they will ensure you receive the necessary attention and treatment.

Can I get a refund?

We don’t offer refunds however you can defer your place up to 30 days prior to the event.

The Cathedral to Castle 10 Mile Multi Terrain Run – or ‘Cathedral to Castle’ as it is affectionately known, is one of the most exciting urban and country road events in the UK.

Organised by the Rotary Clubs of Tamworth & Lichfield rotary-logo rotary-logo