Terms and Conditions

By entering this event you agree to abide by these terms below

1.0 Please note that no refunds will be made once your entry has been accepted under any circumstances. We will, where possible, offer a deferment to the next years event however this may not always be possible and can only be permitted if requested 30 days before the day of the event.

2.0 Transfer of number to another runner is permitted if done 30 days before the day of the event.  At the discretion of Rotary Cathedral to Castle Run, there may be an administration fee payable to cover the cost of transferring to another runner. Please note you must provide us with the new runners details as asked in the online entry form – failure to complete this form correctly may cause the transfer to be void.

3.0  If the event is to be cancelled due to circumstances out of our control, no refunds will be made as we will have accrued costs before the day in ordering medals, t-shirts, toilets, licence fees, traffic management for example. However we will reschedule the event, and this will be announced as soon as possible.

4.0 Our events are all classified as footraces (safe for permissible wheelchair entries) and as such none of the following contraptions allowed – standard wheelchairs, bicycles, buggies, roller skates, stilts or similar.

Any attempt to use may result in the forcible removable of the items and disqualification of the individual.

Anyone attempting to start or join in the event in an outfit deemed unsuitable by Rotary Cathedral to Castle Run will not be allowed. If you consider any outfit you wish to participate in falls into this category, then please contact the event before entering. It is with regret that due to Health And Safety issues, standard wheelchairs may not be used in any event. Only appropriately adapted wheelchairs which are fit for racing may be used with prior consent from Rotary Cathedral to Castle Run.

5.0 You agree to video footage or photographs taken during any event participation may be used to publicise Rotary Cathedral to Castle Run events.

6.0 For Health and Safety reasons, you must not participate and use any personal entertainment listening devices. This is particularly important so as to allow any of the Emergency Services and their vehicles to operate safely in, on and around the course. As a consequence, you need to be aware of your immediate surroundings at all times.

Runners Declaration:

I declare that I will abide by the rules of the event. I understand and agree that I participate in the event entirely at my own risk and that the organisers, volunteers, partners & associates will be in no way liable for any loss, injury or death, damage, claim or expense which may arise before, during or after the event regardless of the cause. I must run safely with consideration for others. I agree to the condition of my entry and agree to follow the instructions given by the organisers.

The Cathedral to Castle 10 Mile Multi Terrain Run – or ‘Cathedral to Castle’ as it is affectionately known, is one of the most exciting urban and country road events in the UK.

Organised by the Rotary Clubs of Tamworth & Lichfield rotary-logo rotary-logo